Dr. Cherina Williams, CCC-SLP

  • You ask yourself, "Is this behavior normal?"

  • Why am I always defending my child's behavior?

  • Why isn't my child not developing like other children?

  • My child is smart, but why are they so stubborn?

  • Is it normal to be frequently frustrated with my child?

  • Provides understanding with real answers

  • Provides realistic insight to reduce frustration and stress

  • Teaches advocacy skills to ensure optimal treatment outcomes

  • Directs you to resources to support you and your child

  • Provides an explanation of how to execute real goals naturally in your day-to-day routine

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I Heart Speech Therapy (IHST) was founded in 2013 by Dr. Cherina Williams, ClinScD., CCC-SLP, licensed speech and language pathologist as a pediatric speech and language clinic, specializing in the birth to three population.Dr. Cherina found that serving families meant more than reducing gaps in development-it required providing knowledge, skills, and empowerment to parents and providers in order to maximize the child’s fullest potential.To meet this need, IHST changed its focus from a traditional clinical setting to an educational facility designed to equip parents, professionals, and the greater community the dynamics of early intervention, early diagnosis, understanding behaviors and how to tailor techniques for specialized needs.Dr. Cherina has taken a distinctive approach to care, making it fun, interactive, engaging, cutting-edge and hands-on through evidenced-based practices that are palatable for any learner.It is Dr. Cherina’s ultimate vision to change the trajectory of care by challenging how we connect, grow and learn about children with developmental delays.

Consultation Services

Parenting can be a tough journey, but with the right support many hands can lighten the load.Connect with me to discuss:

  • Is my sugar's therapy on the right track

  • Is my sugar's therapy team making me a part of the process

  • My team is great but I simply want additional tools

  • I need IEP or IFSP support

  • I need some play space, engagement, and interaction suggestions

  • I need to know whether my sugar should be evaluated

  • I have another question that I want Cherina to mull over with me regarding a specific topic not listed above that covers speech, language, play, development and homeschooling

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